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Eve, England.
Avid Fudgeteer. Aspiring actress.
Loves film, music, photos, acting — anything media or entertainment related, really.
Shouldn't really adore Brock Rumlow but I do...oh, and I write...stuff.

Intense fangirling shall occur, mostly over MCU Brock Rumlow, Ripper Street, Whitechapel and any other things or people that take my fancy. Probably more people tho.

Tennis fanatic.
Suffers from a HUGE Frank Grillo complex. Also a tad obsessed with Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender, Bradley Cooper, Barry Sloane...essentially, I'm an all round crazy obsessed fangirl. who uses strikethoughs waaay too often
Oh, and Rocket Raccoon is my spirit animal. =D


"The Kiss of Life". This iconic photo shows a utility worker receiving mouth-to-mouth after being electrocuted. He survived. (1967).


I MEAN LOOK AT HIM. You see my problem???

All the HYDRA husband threads on here that I happen to come across just fill me with this unbound sense of joy and glee. Love it.

100x100 Jack Rollins (Callan Mulvey) Icons

So after some rummaging around I was deeply distressed to find there was a distinct lack of icons for Jack Rollins from CA:TWS. Seeing as both Rumlow and Jack are my baes from that movie, I have therefore decided to make some inroads into rectifying this saddening fandom situation by making some of my own for anyone’s use. I do intend to make some more of both Brock and Rollins when I get the time.
As always, credit/likes/reblogs are lovely, but not at all necessary. All that matters is that you enjoy them :)

Under the cut you’ll find 15 100x100 icons of the lovely Callan Mulvey. Most of which are from CA:TWS in which he played S.T.R.I.K.E Team’s Jack Rollins.

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Major League Soldier by noonrema


drop the shield, cap! get on your knees!




when british people say “maths” i laugh because thats fucking stupid

when american people say “math” i laugh because thats fucking stupid

when teachers say math i cry because i’m fucking stupid

Happy 37th Birthday Tom Hardy! ♥ (09.15.1977)


Cali and Leo and are my forever faves.

   Faster, ladies! Come on! My grandmother has more life in her, God rest her soul. move it!❞


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